Mrs. Pratima Shankar – Program Manager

Dr Jayanthi Simon. MBBS. MD. FRC Pathology. .

I am a graduate of Bangalore Medical College, India. I completed my postgraduation in Pathology at Christian Medical College Hospital in Vellore, India. Soon afterwards I left for UK where I worked and also obtained Membership of the Royal College of Pathology. Then worked as a Consultant Pathologist in the National Health Service.During this period I was nominated to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathology. I also functioned as Head of Department and Clinical Director of Pathology services. During my long tenure as a Consultant Pathologist in United Kingdom I took a special interest in Breast Cancer which gave me a very good knowledge and experience of the Screening and Diagnostic Services required for Breast Cancer. I retired from the National Health Service in United Kingdom in 2013.I was aware at that time that Breast Cancer was the leading cancer among women in India. Also women were presenting themselves for treatment in the advanced stages of the cancer resulting in poor survival rates after treatment. From 2014 I have been working as a volunteer for Poorna Sudha Cancer Foundation a non-profit charitable organisation. The organisation has a mobile mammography unit, the MOM Express. I am a member of the dedicated team on the MOM Express providing screening mammography for early detection of breast cancer and also
educating women to become breast aware.