Poornasudha is a non-profit organization, working towards creating awareness about breast and cervical cancer in rural and Urban areas of Karnataka. Poornasudha was started by a group of like-minded people based in US and as well as India, in 2011.
MOM express campaign is to raise awareness and prevent breast cancer through early detection. Breast Cancer is one of the leading cancers among women in India. Even though the breast cancer occurrence is lower in India than other countries, the mortality rate is very high due to late diagnosis. Our goal is to promote early detection by educating women about self-breast examination and providing FREE mammography where needed.
By bringing Karnataka’s first mobile mammography high quality service directly to all women to their door step, our van helps break down all barriers making mammograms and cervical cancer screening more accessible. We are happy to inform that the mammography machine and the CR system is being donated to us by Rotary Club Bangalore West, Rotary Club NY and Rotary International.
Our mission is to empower women by early detection and education to conquer breast Cancer. Your presence will take the event to a different height and it will be an encouragement to all women of Karnataka.

Breast Cancer is on the rise in India – research predicts a 3% increase every year
(Source: SMAJ)

Breast cancer is the leading cancer among women in India, accounting for up to 35% of all cancers in women and is responsible for most cancer-related deaths among women ages 35-54 years.

76% of cases currently diagnosed are in the advanced stages – which can rarely be treated successfully (Source: Cancer Institute of Chennai).80% of women who should have an annual mammography exam do not because:

  • They are unable to fund a conveniently located facility.
  • It takes too much time to arrange and travel to appointments.
  • Difficult to request time off from work (approximately 2 hours).
  • Little to no awareness and education available to women about breast cancer.

Dr.Ramakrishna R. Sudhindra, M.D.

Ramakrishna R. Sudhindra, M.D. board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hospice and palliative medicine. Dr. Sudhindra is a partner in Southern Oncology Hematology Associates and has been practicing in the community since 1979. He is on staff at the Regional Medical Center and Elmer Division. Dr. Sudhindra is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick. Dr. Sudhindra has served as president of the medical staff at Newcomb Hospital, Chief of the Department of Medicine, and Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee. He has served as the Director of South Jersey Hospice Care and Campus Vice-President of South Jersey Regional Medical Center. He is currently Chairman of the Cancer Committee.


Mrs. Poornima Sudhindra is the Management Trustee and Co-Founder of the PoornaSudha Cancer Foundation.
As an accomplished professional with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Rowan University in New Jersey, Mrs. Sudhindra spent 15 years at Rohm & Haas (now Dow Chemical) as a Statistical Analyst.
However, a deep resolve to be involved in making the community a better place saw her involved in various Executive Committees devoted to community activities. She also spent time with the American Cancer Society as a patient navigator, which gave her an insight into the different stages of screening, detection, and treatment for the different types of cancer.


  • Early detection of breast cancer through Cancer awareness and education among women.
  • Convenient cost-effective doorstep screening ,Free breast screening for those below the poverty line.
  • Highly subsidized rates for others Trained female mammography technicians and radiologists.
  • Mobile mammography for the underprivileged.


Ms. Seema D. Kumar, Board Trustee.

Mrs. Pratima Shankar – Program Manager

Dr Jayanthi Simon. MBBS. MD. FRC Pathology.

I am a graduate of Bangalore Medical College, India. I completed my postgraduation in Pathology at Christian Medical College Hospital in Vellore, India. Soon afterwards I left for UK where I worked and also obtained Membership of the Royal College of Pathology. Then worked as a Consultant Pathologist in the National Health Service.During this period I was nominated to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathology. I also functioned as Head of Department and Clinical Director of Pathology services. During my long tenure as a Consultant Pathologist in United Kingdom I took a special interest in Breast Cancer which gave me a very good knowledge and experience of the Screening and Diagnostic Services required for Breast Cancer. I retired from the National Health Service in United Kingdom in 2013.I was aware at that time that Breast Cancer was the leading cancer among women in India. Also women were presenting themselves for treatment in the advanced stages of the cancer resulting in poor survival rates after treatment. From 2014 I have been working as a volunteer for Poorna Sudha Cancer Foundation a non-profit charitable organisation. The organisation has a mobile mammography unit, the MOM Express. I am a member of the dedicated team on the MOM Express providing screening mammography for early detection of breast cancer and also
educating women to become breast aware.

Mrs.vidya Poornima

Mr. Shivaraj Kumar

Mrs. Shantha – Office Administrator

Advisory Board Council:

Dr Shekhar Patil

Dr Shekhar Patil has been practising medicine for 20 years, including over 15 years in the medical oncology spacialization. He started his career as a registrar in Medical Oncology at Bombay hospital in 1989. He went on to join the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, as a Senior Resident in Medical Oncology, in 1990. Currently, he is the Senior Consulting Medical Oncologist at HCG, since 1992.

Dr Patil treats 20-30 patients everyday, with conventional, high dose chemotherapy, for both solid and haematological malignancies.He has also participated in over 50 cancer detection camps in rural areas, since 1992, organized by Health Education Council, Bangalore Institute of Oncology (HCG) and various other non-government organizations, on a regular basis.

Dr. L.S. Praveen

Dr. L.S. Praveen is one of the eminent radiologists in Karnataka, especially in ultrasound, with a long and distinguished career. He studied his MBBS in Bangalore Medical College and went on to do his DMRD from KMC Manipal and then his DNB from NIMHANS, Bangalore. He then joined Bangalore Hospital as Promoter Consultant and was solely responsible in building up their entire Radiology Department. During this time, he also served as visiting consultant at “Indira Gandhi Institute of child health”, Ravi Kirloskar Memorial Hospital, Ramakrishna Hospital, Deepak Nursing Home and JBS Nursing Home. He then went to become one of founding fathers of Clumax Diagnostics where he served as its Chairman and Managing Director, besides being the bed rock of its ultrasound department, taking it to great heights. His clinical skill and administrative acumen played an important role in crafting the Clumax success story.

Dr. B. S. Srinath

Dr. B. S. Srinath, known as Dr. BSS, is a surgical oncologist practicing in Bengaluru, India. He has over 40 years of experience in surgical oncology and oncological research. He is currently the Head of the Institution and Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist at Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Bangalore.[1] He also serves as the Managing Trustee of Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation, Bangalore.

Mr. Raghu Bhargava

Dr. Nilima Kadambi, General Surgeon